What is a tantric sex therapist?

tantric sex therapist

In the simplest terms, a tantric sex therapist, or tantra sex therapist as they are also known is a person who has received special training in the areas of love and sexual intimacy. This person’s education is given by a tantra master who is a qualified and experienced practitioner of tantra. Tantra is one of the ancient sciences that are believed to be the root of sexuality and many people today understand this science to be something much deeper than it actually is.

Tantra is basically a philosophy that originated in India and which has been adapted and taken up by people all over the world. The primary purpose of the discipline known as tantra is for a man and woman to have an intimate relationship and union with each other. This intimate relationship between a man and woman is what tantra sexuality is based upon. It is believed that this science can help a couple to achieve the greatest degree of sexual bliss and satisfaction than they could possibly achieve in their normal sexual lives.

Tantric sex is a holistic way of lovemaking and is not focused on orgasm alone. This form of lovemaking is thought to be very powerful and is said to be able to bring the lover and the person being loved even closer than ever before. Sexual intimacy is said to help couples work on their communication skills as well as helping them to overcome fears and anxieties that may be affecting their current relationship. This is why you will find that a tantric sex therapist can offer sound sexual advice to their patients. Their goal is to help their clients achieve the best possible levels of arousal and sexual tension that only can lead to great and pleasurable sex.

What is a tantric sex therapist? The first thing you need to know about these professionals is that they are trained in the ancient art of lovemaking. Ancient tantric sex therapists did not just jump into the sexual act, they studied it and were practiced in the art of lovemaking. Because of this they have the knowledge and experience necessary in order to help couples experiencing problems with sex or in trying to initiate sex in a new partner. They are trained to give their patients the tools and confidence they will need to explore their sexuality successfully and bring it to its ultimate potential.

As mentioned earlier, these counselors help their patients to increase the levels of arousal and sexual tension between them and their partners. When this occurs, sex becomes more enjoyable for both partners. In addition, the sex therapist also helps to create a mood and atmosphere in the bedroom that will increase emotional bonding between the partners. These counselors also provide couples with tools such as massage and the like to help them relax and let go of any stress-related issues they may be experiencing.

You may be wondering, what makes a tantric sex therapist different from, a sex counselor? Aside from having the training necessary to practice tantric sex, the tantric sex therapist works with his or her patients using a form of a holistic approach. This means that while the sex therapist gives instructions and suggestions to his or her patients, he or she does not try to impose his or her ideas on them. Rather, the tantric sex therapist relies on the natural unfolding of the sexual tension between the two people. This is a much more effective method because it allows each person to discover his or her own inner desires and to work with them in a way that is most beneficial to him or her.

A tantric sex therapist is also different from a sex therapist in the way that he or she offers information and support to the couples that he or she works with. In addition, the tantric sex therapist allows the clients to take responsibility for their actions and to make adjustments in the way they perform oral sex. Couples who have experienced tantra can communicate effectively with each other and can work out creative ways to increase the experience beyond the purely physical level. In essence, tantra allows couples to reach greater heights in their intimate relationships.

For those who are new to the idea of sex and to tantric practices in general, it can be a little confusing as to what is a tantric sex therapist. However, it is important to remember that this is not an uncommon term, and one that is widely used by those in the tantric community. These individuals are often referred to as tantra masters, and their work involves exploring the concepts of kama and krita, which are the aspects of sexuality. As such, their role is quite extensive and includes instruction in several areas of sexual expression and practice. After learning more about what is a tantric sex therapist, you will be able to decide for yourself whether this is the ideal way to go.